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INDEX of books, CD's, maps, monumental inscriptions (MI's), photos etc.

The latest published Index is dated 11th January (V63-240111),
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RECENT ACQUISITIONS from April to December 2023, summarised in NL63

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AFHP: Aldringham Fens Heritage Project — appeal for information (December 2020)

"Alde Valley local authorities (1830 to date)" — table listing the successive Local Authorities for each of our civil parishes (in PDF format):  ref. AV LOC AUTH

"Alde Valley Registration Districts (1837 to date)" — table listing the successive Registration Districts for each of our civil parishes (PDF):  ref. AV REG DIST

"Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group Newsletter 1" — not downloadable, but can be viewed on our «Early Days» page

"Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group Newsletter 23" — contains, at pages 5 to 7, a useful article about the GENUKI website.

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