See our main Events pages for fuller details of our talks (on third Monday of the month, except August (none) and December (2nd week));
also for our Library Drop-in Tuesdays and (resuming) Help Centre sessions — and for other organisations' talks and events, etc.
Most (if not all) our talks are now 'hybrid' — so both physical and available over Zoom — with the speaker present sometimes, but not always.
These are at the Fromus Centre (behind the Library),  Saxmundham Hub,  Street Farm Road,  Saxmundham,  IP17 1AL .
We may still hold "physical only" meetings from time to time, depending on circumstances — such as the 2024 AGM in April.
☞ To 'attend' events over Zoom, paid-up members should visit our «Attending Zoom talks» page.  Non-members can now only attend in person.
Speakers over Zoom allow us access to a wider national pool of expertise.
If you're attending a meeting in person — just turn up!  Entry is £1.00 for members, £3.00 for non-members, with free tea and biscuits.
  third Mondays   talk title speaker(s) present? venue … … + Zoom? details
  11th Dec   14:30   [N.B. SECOND Monday]  Members' Stories III:
DNA Surprises, and Skeletons in the Cupboard
Jane Evans & 
Maggie Strutt
YES Fromus Centre YES see info
.         Chris's January talk is postponed until maybe May or June          
  15th Jan   14:30   Conserving Your Family Archive  Sue Gibbons, FHF NO Fromus Centre YES see info
  19th Feb   14:30   Family History from Education Records Dr Colin R Chapman NO Fromus Centre YES follow
  18th Mar   14:30   Reading the Original — Hints for deciphering old documents Jackie Depelle, FHF NO Fromus Centre YES follow
  15th Apr   14:30   2024 AGM [no Zoom option, but Members can vote by proxy] AVSFHG Committee YES Fromus Centre ❋ NO ❋ follow
  TBA   14:30   Getting started in Family History our Chris Broom YES Fromus Centre YES follow