See our main Events pages for fuller details of our talks (on third Monday of the month, except August (none) and December (2nd week));
also for our Library drop-in sessions, and sometimes for other organisations' talks and events, etc.
Most (if not all) our talks are now 'hybrid' — so both physical and available over Zoom — with the speaker present sometimes, but not always.
These are (most usually) at the Fromus Centre (behind the Library),  Saxmundham Hub,  Street Farm Road,  Saxmundham,  IP17 1AL .
We may still hold "physical only" meetings from time to time, depending on circumstances — such as the 2024 AGM in April.
☞ To 'attend' events over Zoom, paid-up members should visit our «Attending our talks» page.  Non-members can now only attend in person.
Speakers over Zoom allow us access to a wider national pool of expertise, especially in family-history subjects.
If you're attending a meeting in person — just turn up!  Entry is £1.00 for members, £3.00 for non-members, with free tea and biscuits.
third Mondays at 14:30 / Talk title speaker(s) present? venue … …+Zoom? details
20th May   The 1939 Register Dr Penny Walters, FHF NO Fromus Centre YES see blog
17th June   The Pirate Radio Revolution of the 60s! by members of Felixstowe and Offshore Radio NO Fromus Centre YES see blog
15th July   Summer Stories: Research by Members IV TBA YES Fromus Centre YES follow
August   [Traditionally we don't have a talk in August]
16th Sept   TBA TBA        
21st Oct   TBA TBA        
18th Nov   TBA TBA        
9th Dec   (Please note: 2nd Monday!)  An Ancestral Xmas Liz Yule, IHGS NO Fromus Centre YES follow
TBA   Getting started in Family History [postponed from Jan.2024] our Chris Broom YES Fromus Centre YES follow