April 2023:  Non-members can no longer attend our Zoom talks as "Visitors",
but are most welcome to join — please visit our «Membership» webpage.


Paid-up Members will no longer book to attend Zoom talks.
Instead, they'll all automatically receive the Zoom link by blind-copied email,
an hour or two before each monthly talk — 
failing which, then follow the internally circulated "Panic Arrangements".
Your ongoing membership assumes acceptance of this new process.


Please log in by 2:25pm, when the Zoom 'waiting room' will close,
to prevent disruption of the talk and discourtesy to the speaker —
though it would be even better to see you in person!


If you have any access problems or queries, please email host@avsfhg.org.uk,
who, after three valiant years as our Zoom host, is no longer Chris, our Chair.
Like us all, he DOES have a life outside of our Group too(!),
which may on occasions mean that he is taking NO part in a particular event.


Anyone — Member or Visitor — is welcome just to 'turn up' for all in-person meetings,
paying any relevant entrance fee (maximum £3.00).