POSTED ON 9th JULY 2023 

A series of blogs about this ongoing archive project can be viewed here.

Several of the 'missing' photos listed in the article below have since come to light.



The photos have now been catalogued, indexed and the originals passed on to the Suffolk Record Office who will preserve them for posterity.


The completed work formed a popular feature at our recent Open Day. 

The digitised photos are available to view at our Help Centre and will be taken to the Leiston Grammar School Reunion on 22nd June 2019.  We are happy to provide copies to any interested alumni or members of their families.  Please contact committee member John Martin for full details — see our Contact Us page.

However there are several photos missing from the collection and we would be pleased to hear from anyone who can provide any of the following pictures —

Football Pre 1930; 1931-34; 1937-45; 1948; 1950; 1954; 1965 and 1968 onwards
Hockey Pre 1934; 1938; 1940-45; 1960-62 and 1969 onwards
Cricket Pre 1938; 1939-45; 1959; 1965; 1969 onwards
Tennis Pre 1947 and 1960 onwards





The following article appeared in our Newsletter for October 2018, when our conservation project was just starting.