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Cecil Lay, innovative architect of local buildings, including Aldringham Baptist Church  Martello Tower Z at Alderton title page of Family History Federation's podcast on the 1939 Register
1964 Anglia TV documentary,
"A Gentleman of Suffolk",
about Cecil Lay of Aldringham,
architect of several local buildings
"Martello Tower Historical Virtual Tour"
of Suffolk Tower Z at Alderton,
a "Touching the Tide" initiative
This is the first publicly-available
podcast in a series being produced
by the Family History Federation.
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  "The Power of the Internet — A Wartime Mystery Revealed"
by Jo Cottrell, now a member, and how we helped uncover
the wartime story of "The Evacuee", her mother
(Text of an article appearing in our April 2021 "Newsletter")



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front cover of Sarah Doig's book   Queen Boudica's statue by Westminster Bridge   William Conqueror's portrait from the Bayeux Tapestry   Death of Wat Tyler during the Peasants' Revolt   portrait of Mary I as princess in 1544
Sarah's "Writing" webpage Early Suffolk   Norman Suffolk Medieval Suffolk: Revolt Tudor Suffolk: Mary I
Walpole Old Chapel    exterior of Slaughden's quatrefoil Martello Tower    Parham railway station in Victorian times    aerial view of south Felixstowe during the 1953 floods
Stuart Suffolk   Georgian Suffolk   Victorian Suffolk   Twentieth Century Suffolk
and Suffolk Today
Felixstowe, 1953 floods
Walpole Old Chapel Slaughden Martello Tower "CC" Parham railway station