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The following community/location/"loc"/place-name abbreviations are used within Reference-ID's for many of the resources catalogued in our Index.
—  All the 70 or so Alde Valley communities (including hamlets, and even the uninhabited ones) are listed on our Maps page.  
—  The first three characters of a place-name are unique, except for ALD,  BEN, CAM, DUN, REN and SAX, marked here with a double dagger (‡).  
—  The only other places with inconsistent abbreviations are Blaxhall (BLX), the Glemhams (GGL and LGL), and Westleton (WS):  see below.
—  However, some places have additional two- or four-character abbreviations, also listed below.
—  Abbreviations marked with an asterisk (
) are (or, in some combinations, can be) not unique.  
—  Reference ID's prefixed "PD" relate to the 1,200 digital copies of the «Photos-collection Deposit», explained on its own webpage.


AV = Alde Valley (or broadly coinciding with it)
ALDB/ALB/AL❋ = Aldeburgh [hist. spelt "Alburghe"] ‡   (+ PDALB)
ABC = Aldringham Baptist Chapel (+ PDABC)
ALDR or ALR = Aldringham ‡ (+ PDAR)
ALT or ALTH = Aldringham-cum-Thorpe [sometimes "-with-"]
BEN or BN = Benhall ‡ (+ PDBEN)
BTW = Bentwaters RAF/USAAF Station 151
BL = Blything Hundred … (see "Element 2", prev page)
BLX = Blaxhall
CAA = Campsea Ashe [but see CAM below] ‡
CAM or CB = Cambridge/Cambs. [of course, not Alde Valley!] ‡
CRA❋ = Cransford, near Framlingham          but ...
CRAT = Cratfield [not AV: between Halesworth & Laxfield]
SNA includes    Dunningworth ‡ — location of Snape Maltings ➡︎
  (although it's actually within Tunstall Parish)
DUN = Dunwich ‡
FOR = Fordley (within Middleton-cum-Fordley)
FRAM or FRA = Framlingham
GGL or GG = Great Glemham
HAZ = Hazlewood (+ PDHZ)
IKE = Iken (+ PDIK)
K (refID prefix) = Kelsale Archive (see "Element 0", prev. page)
KEL or KE = Kelsale/Kelsale-cum-Carlton


LCM = Leiston County Modern School photograph, 1949
LEI or LE or L❋ = Leiston/L-cum-Sizewell (exc. LCM & LGS schools)
@LEIS-LIB = Our Pen and Sword books, held at Leiston Library
LGS = Leiston Grammar School photographs: for the
  various suffix-formats, see Element-3 here
PDLEI = Leiston Photo Deposit images




LGL = Little Glemham
MHA = Martlesham Heath Airfield (not Alde Valley) (+ PDMHAIRF)
MID or MD❋ = Middleton/Middleton-cum-Fordley (or FOR)
MIDM or MDM = Middleton Moor
PD ➡︎ Photos-collection Deposit (usu. PDloc = 1st three letters)
PL = Plomesgate Hundred … (see "Element 2", prev. page)
RDH or RD❋ = Rendham ‡
RDL or RD❋ = Rendlesham ‡
SAX or SX❋ = Saxmundham ‡ (+ PDSAX["SX" can mean Sussex too]
SAXT or SXT = Saxtead ‡
SXG = Saxtead Green ‡
SIZ = Sizewell (+ PDSIZ or PDSZa)
SA, Sc or  SN = Snape Archive, usu. maps (see "Element 0", prev. page)
SNA = Snape (including Snape Maltings)    (+ PDSNA)
STR = Stratford St Andrew
SUT or SUTT = Sutton (village)
SUTHE = Sutton Heath / RAF/MOD Woodbridge
SUTHO = Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon ship burial site (National Trust)
THE = Theberton (+ PDTHEB)
THH = Theberton Hall
THO = Thorpeness (village) or Thorpe Ness (geog. feature)
  (+ PDTHO or PDTHP)
TUN = Tunstall — but treat Snape Maltings as SNApe, above
WSuuuuuuu = Westleton Parish Register/BMD ("Element 1", prev. page)
WS❋ = Westleton [or West Suffolk County Council (1889-1974) ]
YOX or YX = Yoxford