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The following community/location/"loc"/place-name abbreviations are used within Reference-ID's for many of the resources catalogued in our Index.
They are certainly not "cast in stone", but are listed here just to suggest some degree of consistency across our resources when allocating their Ref-IDs.
—   All the 70 or so Alde Valley locations (including hamlets, and even the uninhabited ones) are listed on our Maps page.  
—  The first three characters of a place-name are unique, except for ALD,  BEN, CAM, DUN, MAR, REN and SAX, marked here with a double dagger (‡).  
—  The only other places with inconsistent abbreviations are Blaxhall (BLX), the Glemhams (GGL and LGL), Iken (IKN) and Westleton (WS):  see below.
—  However, some places have additional two- or four-character abbreviations, also listed below.
—  Abbreviations marked with an asterisk (
) are (or, in some combinations, can be) not unique.  
—  Reference ID's prefixed "PD" relate to the 1,200 digital copies of the «Photos-collection Deposit», explained on its own webpage
—  For brevity, Alde Valley locations with none of the exceptions or features listed above are omitted — so just use their first three characters.


AV = Alde Valley (or broadly coinciding with it)
ALDB/ALB/AL❋ = Aldeburgh [hist. spelt "Alburghe"] ‡   (+ PDALB)
ADT = Alderton ‡ [using Sfk Heritage Explorer abbrev.]
ABC = Aldringham Baptist Chapel (+ PDABC)
ALDR or ALR = Aldringham ‡ (+ PDAR)
ALT or ALTH = Aldringham-cum-Thorpe [sometimes "-with-"]
BEN or BN = Benhall ‡ (+ PDBEN)
BTW = Bentwaters RAF/US AAF Station 151
BL = Blything Hundred … (see "Element 2", prev page)
BLX = Blaxhall
CAA = Campsea Ashe [but see CAM below] ‡
CAM or CB = Cambridge/Cambs. [of course, not Alde Valley!] ‡
CRA❋ = Cransford, near Framlingham          but ...
CRAT = Cratfield [not AV: between Halesworth & Laxfield]
DAR or DA❋ = Darsham
SNA includes     Dunningworth ‡ — location of Snape Maltings ➡︎
  (although it's actually within Tunstall Parish)
DUN = Dunwich ‡
FOR = Fordley (within Middleton-cum-Fordley)
FRAM or FRA = Framlingham
GGL or GG = Great Glemham
HAZ = Hazlewood (+ PDHZ)
HB = Hollesley Bay
IKN or IKE = Iken [IKN avoids homophone w/ EYKe] (+ PDIK)
K (refID prefix) = Kelsale Archive (see "Element 0", prev. page)
KEL or KE = Kelsale/Kelsale-cum-Carlton
KNO or KN = Knodishall


LCM = Leiston County Modern School (1949 photo-scan)
LEI or LE or L❋ = Leiston/L-cum-Sizewell (exc. LCM & LGS schools)
@LEIS-LIB = Our Pen and Sword books, held at Leiston Library
LGS = Leiston Grammar School photographs, etc.: for its
  various suffix-formats, see Element-3 here
PDLEI = Leiston Photo Deposit images
PDLGS = Leiston Grammar School (in folder "Leiston")




LGL = Little Glemham
MAR or MA❋ = Marlesford 
MHA = Martlesham Heath Airfield ‡ (not AV)      (+ PDMHAIRF)
MID or MD❋ = Middleton/Middleton-cum-Fordley (or FOR)
MIDM or MDM = Middleton Moor
PD ➡︎ Photos-collection Deposit (usu. PDloc = 1st three letters)
PEA or PE = Peasenhall
PL = Plomesgate Hundred … (see "Element 2", prev. page)
RDH or RD❋ = Rendham ‡
RDL or RD❋ = Rendlesham ‡
SAX or SX❋ = Saxmundham ‡ (+ PDSAX["SX" can mean Sussex too]
SAXT or SXT = Saxtead ‡
SXG = Saxtead Green ‡
SIZ = Sizewell (+ PDSIZ or PDSZa)
SA, Sc or  SN = Snape Archive, usu. maps (see "Element 0", prev. page)
SNA or SN = Snape (including Snape Maltings)    (+ PDSNA)
STE or ST❋ = Sternfield (+ PDSTE, in folder Benhall&Sternfield)
STR = Stratford St Andrew
SUT or SUTT = Sutton (village)
SUTHE = Sutton Heath / RAF/MOD Woodbridge
SUTHO = Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon ship burial site (National Trust)
THE = Theberton (+ PDTHEB)
THH = Theberton Hall
THO = Thorpeness (village) or Thorpe Ness (geog. feature)
  (+ PDTHO or PDTHP)
TUN = Tunstall — but treat Snape Maltings as SNApe, above
WSuuuuuuu = Westleton Parish Register/BMD ("Element 1", prev. page)
WS❋ = Westleton [or West Suffolk County Council (1889-1974) ]
YOX or YX = Yoxford