The Index files below have the same Version number as the latest (or imminent) Newsletter ("NL") sent to Members.


INDEX of books, CD's, maps, fiches, monumental inscriptions (MI's), photos etc.
The latest published Index is dated 24th September (V62-230924) to include a very few corrections since V61,
with a (usually slightly older) version on our computers in our Help Centre.  We no longer print it out: it's HUGE!

 You can read about our Index here at:  https://avsfhg.org.uk/idx/   

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 DOWNLOAD THE INDEX in print-facsimile (PDF) format  (62 pages)


RECENT ACQUISITIONS  from October 2022 to March 2023, summarised in NL60, are in Index V62 (above) too.
If you just want to VIEW this listing (rather than download it), you can do so if you visit our «Acquired recently» page.


Any more recent acquisitions will be featured in a future Newsletter.

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AFHP: Aldringham Fens Heritage Project — appeal for information (December 2020)

"Alde Valley local authorities (1830 to date)" — table listing the successive Local Authorities for each of our civil parishes (in PDF format):  ref. AV LOC AUTH

"Alde Valley Registration Districts (1837 to date)" — table listing the successive Registration Districts for each of our civil parishes (PDF):  ref. AV REG DIST

"Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group Newsletter 1" — not downloadable, but can be viewed on our «Early Days» page

"Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group Newsletter 23" — contains, at pages 5 to 7, a useful article about the GENUKI website.

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