INDEX OF HELP CENTRE RESOURCES: books, CD's, maps, fiches, monumental inscriptions (MI's), photos etc.
The latest published version of the Index is dated 7th October (V54-211007),
with a (usually slightly older) version on our computers in our Help Centre.

When formatted correctly for printing, the Index is about 80 x A4 pages long (almost 300 if not), so you may not wish to print it yourself!
For what it's worth, we no longer print it ourselves as we consider it's an unnecessary use of paper and ink.
If you still want to do so, only print Columns A to G, which fit comfortably into A4 landscape sheets — to do this, you need to "define a print area" first.

Depending on your digital set-up, your download copy may be "read-only": if you wish to sort or otherwise edit it
for your own use, you need a read-write version — just email the Webmaster, asking for a copy to be sent to you.

The Index, Recent Acquisitions List and Newsletter numbers are all number 54 — and comply very closely with what is in the Help Centre,
reflecting the moving on 7th October of all but the largest books into our new bookcase, kindly constructed for us by Henry Mann.


HELP CENTRE ACQUISITIONS during the last three months or so, summarised in Newsletter 54, are within the Index above too.
If you just want to VIEW this listing (rather than download it), you can do so if you visit our «Acquired recently» page.

Many further kind donations from Members, spending the shutdowns clearing out their libraries, will be incorporated next quarter.

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AFHP: Aldringham Fens Heritage Project — appeal for information

"Alde Valley local authorities (1830 to date)" — table listing the successive Local Authorities for each of our civil parishes (in PDF format):  ref. AV LOC AUTH

"Alde Valley Registration Districts (1837 to date)" — table listing the successive Registration Districts for each of our civil parishes (PDF):  ref. AV REG DIST

"Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group Newsletter 1" — not downloadable, but can be viewed on our «Early Days» page

"Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group Newsletter 23" — contains, at pages 5 to 7, a useful article about the GENUKI website.

"Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group Newsletter 30" — another example past number

"CONSTITUTION of Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group"  — You will be redirected to one of our «Legals» pages.

FHF's (Family History Federation's) "Our Really Useful Leaflet"

Knodishall village parking map  — You'll probably need to save this file yourself, if you want to retain it.

⎋  Membership Application Form  — You will be redirected to our «Membership» page.

Pen and Sword Publications at Leiston Library and in our Help Centre

Perpetual Calendar Calculator (after 1752)

AVSFHG Research Panel: Research Request Form or online request for help with your family history research: you will be redirected.

Suffolk Local History Council's "Calendar of Events" for Spring to Autumn 2021
        also  their list of member Societies, History Groups, Museums and other organisations