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Our Help Centre contains much local information, including graveyard catalogues for Benhall, Saxmundham, Leiston, Eastbridge, Aldringham and Sutton; censuses, directories, information on local war memorials, books and historic maps.  We have a large number of books, CD's and microfiches of local interest — in fact, we hold a wide variety of records for Suffolk and other counties.  These are mostly physical resources not available online, but two particularly useful PDF-documents, which we produced, are listed on our Downloads page.  Everything is on our Index (listed on the Downloads page too) — this is regularly kept up to date, with recent acquistions also summarised in our quarterly Newsletter for members.  Issue numbers of the Index and the Newsletter are now in step.

☞  Exceptionally, please note that, under an arrangement agreed with Leiston Library (hosts of our Drop-In Tuesday sessions), they hold most of our collection of Pen & Sword publications in their Reference Section, where they can be viewed (but not borrowed) by any member of the public whenever the library is open.  All of the P&S books are listed in a "Pen and Sword Publications" list that is downloadable from our «Downloads» page, but most of those books are NOT yet listed in our Index.  Also, two small categories of P&S books are NOT in the Library, and comprise —
— very recent books that are still being reviewed for a UK history magazine by our Chairman, prior to delivery to Leiston Library; and
— older books held in our Help Centre: only these are also listed in our Index (see below), indicated by a 9-character Ref-ID in Column C of the P&S List.
The situation will be regularised once we have unfettered access to our Help Centre again, so that ALL the books can be delivered to Leiston Library, and indexed with ref-ID set to a less confusing common value of "@LEIS-LIB".

A recent print of the Index has long been available in our Help Centre — and now also on our computers.  Most resources relate to Suffolk, and probably a half to Alde-Ore Valley communities (which are listed on our Map page), so ...

we believe our archive of the area is a unique resource that should be widely available.
The Index is downloadable from the link at the top of our Downloads page.


The Index is an Excel-type spreadsheet, to simplify maintenance and searches.  Each physical resource (book, CD, map, whatever) most usually carries a sticky PROPERTY-OF label marked with a structured nine-character reference-id, whilst computer filenames include such a reference-id too.

Such a reference allows us to include not only mention of individual magazine issues, but also entries for locally interesting articles that we have found within them — in other words, the Index is not just a stocktaking "counting" exercise, as it was originally, but is useful to our members as a search tool.  Each of these additional entries has the same reference as the magazine issue in which it appears, in a format similar to the following, and with a suitable "Category" relevant to the subject matter (such as "Fam-History" or "History WWI")
SN0954 | Fam-History | Suffolk | Sudbourne | Emigration of Scottish Farmers to E.Anglia late C19th [Black & Aldrich families], p158 | mag A5 | SKRO0T97V
This entry informs us that on page 158 of the A5-sized November 1997 issue of "Suffolk Roots" is an article mentioning two particular Sudbourne families, and expands upon the main entry for this magazine issue, which incidentally contains several other useful local articles
SN0868 | Fam-History | Suffolk |  | Suffolk Roots: November 1997 | mag A5 | SKRO0T97V .

It is also useful to know that reference-ID's for items in Categories of CENsus, DIRectory and MAP often include the relevant year (such as "CEN1881UK"), whatever the item's actual title might happen to be.  Items relating to the Great War are, of course, typically rich sources of family history and are now annotated with the text "WWI", so that you can use the spreadsheet "Find" function at your leisure.

Because the file is (by definition) read-only, should you wish to sort or otherwise edit the Index yourself, then open the index-file that you've downloaded, but then "Save as" it with the same filename but into a different folder.  The newly-saved Index spreadsheet will be read-writable, so you can then sort it so that all resources containing (say) 1881 Census records are displayed together, as their reference-ID's are prefixed "CEN1881".  It may then be less confusing to delete your downloaded read-only copy.  Alternatively, you can just email the Webmaster, asking for a read-write copy to be emailed to you.

☞   If you identify any items of interest, please feel free to drop in at our fortnightly Help Centre sessions to view them in person.
However, if you are further afield or are seeking information about, or help with, your local family history matters,
you are welcome to visit our Facebook page (to which there is a link at the foot of every webpage) and/or submit a Research Request Form.

☞   Should you want a more detailed explanation of the structure of the Index, you can view it here.

☞   If you have any observations on the content or production of the Index, please email either or both of us.     

Pat Carter (Archivist) and Steve Stocks (Webmaster)


"SUFFOLK ROOTS" magazine


Every issue of the Suffolk Family History Society's quarterly "Suffolk Roots" magazine from 1975 to 2013 can be viewed in the SFHS Members' online area, if you are also one of their members: this includes browsing Contents lists and searching (by text string, by place, by name or by ship).  In addition, the bulk of the original printed issues from 1979 to 2005 are held in our Help Centre, so are listed in our Index (with reference-ID's prefixed "SKRO0T" or "SKROOT").