This table explains where particular resources are to be found,
by reference to their "Media" value, in the sixth column ("F") of the Index.

¢ $

  Resources are filed depending on the media on which they reside, not their subject matter, as far as practicable in alpha order of Reference-ID.
Maps  (and similar Snape Archive items) that are flat are in the map-chest, others are on a wide variety of media, incl. some as digital resources (PC).
Photos  can be any variant of book / booklet / paper, as card❋ or digital (PC). 
Drawers  are numbered top to bottom in the four-drawer filing-cabinet (1 to 4), then the three-drawer cabinet (5 to 7).
() (H) (¥)  in the table below are annotations (optional, when bracketed) denoting various different locations: see notes at the foot of the table




[blank] (usually recently acquired) resource indexed, but awaiting filing (altho' its eventual destination may be quite obvious) awaiting filing
book B book with a spine, up to 12" high Bottom bookshelf
book CR larger book and/or 'desirable' book (for example, containing old photographs — Scans can be taken for personal use.) Cupb'd: right side
book H book held in hanging pockets in drawer 5 hanging in drawer 5
book L Pen & Sword books reviewed by Chris Broom: read about their REFERENCE-BOOK status here (Ref-ID=@LEIS-LIB) at Leiston Library
book M book with a spine, up to 10" high Middle bookshelf
book T book with a spine, up to 10" high Top bookshelf
booklet anything like a thin book but stapled, and/or a book/brochure smaller than say A5                       on middle bookshelf, but if ❋ or ¥: see below
booklet (H¥) booklet, as explained above, hanging pockets in drawer 5 see notes ❋/H/¥ below
booklet JH booklet donated by Janet Huckle, filed alphabetically in a semi-transparent white A5 ring-binder marked "JH" hanging in drawer 5
booklet M booklet, as explained above, filed on the Middle bookshelf (may revert to "booklet" when project complete) Middle bookshelf
box BEN MI a box containing Benhall MI Project - Burial Register Verification Slips top of alcove cupboard
card printed card or laminated paper, maybe folded or concertinaed see note ❋ below
cassette audio cassette awaiting filing
CD simplifying the former cover-CD/"CvrCD" and "DVD" entries — but see "DVD" below drawer 6
CD FT () "Family Tree" magazine CD donated by Janet Huckle, within one of three CD-wallets (2004-06, 2007/08 and 2010-12) see note below
DVD is now strictly reserved for video films drawer 6 
env ( H) envelope — For enveloped materials, usually the first/only copy is in a lever-arch file, any extra copies are in a drawer. drawer 5 or ❋/H below
env HUX transparent plastic envelope of Frank Huxley's local-history notes/papers, mostly individually catalogued in Index drawer 1
fiche(s) packets of fiches aren't marked w/ ref-ID's, but filed in blue plastic fiche-box in order of their printed (not Index) titles drawer 4
ficheMIEX "Essex Monumental Inscriptions" (and similar Essex) fiches, filed in cardboard box "MIEX: ESSEX FICHES (MI's)" drawer 4
folder widely includes cardboard pocket-folders, ring/spiral binders, photo-developers' envelopes (= former value of "binder") cupb'd w/ sliding doors
mag A4-format "Suffolk Roots" magazine drawer 5
mag A5 A5-format "Suffolk Roots" from May 1990 onwards, stored by date within cardboard boxes drawer 5
mag A5 M small magazine, such as Aldeburgh and District LHS's "The Chronicle" (filed with the booklets) Middle bookshelf
mag 93-14 "SLHC Newsletter" or "Suffolk Review", 1993-2014 box above alcove cupbd
mag 2014+ "SLHC Newsletter" or "Suffolk Review" from 2014 [return to hanging pockets in filing-cabinet drawer 5?  Currently in ... box above alcove cupbd
map (❋ H ¥) map, with ref-ID prefixed "MAP" — including detailed graveyard maps, sometimes annotated w/ deceaseds' names see notes ❋/H/¥ below
map A0 Ordnance Survey 25"/1:2500 County Series Suffolk flat-sheet maps (with ref-ID prefix "O") see OS 25" maps page  map chest
map A1 Ordnance Survey [25"] 1:2500 National Grid Plan flat-sheet maps ,, map chest
map A2 Ordnance Survey 6"/1:10,560 or 1:10,000, and [50.688"] 1:1250 flat-sheet maps ,, map chest
map BOX OS 6-inch National Grid Plan TL94SE: Boxford (1958) 22" x 26.5” non-standard flat-sheet map ,, map chest (case BD)
map OS7 Ordnance Survey 1”:1 mile Map (7th Series) Index of Large-Scale National Plans (flat sheets) ,, map chest (case OW)
map SNA Snape Archive: maps (mostly) of sundry formats/scales including OS 25", Six-Inch and 1:2500 ,, map chest (case SNA)
NLii pno Newsletter article (prob. added some time after publication when we had closely relevant talk) showing issue/page no= Newsletter "ii" page "no"
paper ƒ multipage document of interest, in ƒolder (w/ same Ref-ID) of other collected papers, correspondence, etc. cupb'd w/ sliding doors
paper a flimsy leaflet or single sheet or (usually) several stapled sheets — filed in  ❋ AVSFHG CARDS-ETC  lever-arch files see note ❋ below
papers JP papers donated by John Peters, Nov. 2019 (individually indexed in plastic folders marked "JP1", "JP2" and "JP3") drawer 5
PC digital file held on our Compaq desktop and/or one/more of our laptops (but usually on all of them) computer-files
... +w3 (appended to ANY value above) item also available via Downloads page OR viewable on a webpage (see toolbar-menu "maps+" above)
... +w3+PC as above, BUT ALSO available as a digital file on one/more of our computers (but usually on all of them)
www link to a (probably external) webpage with a more up-to-date version of a resource listed close-by in the Index named webpage
www + PC reproduced on our webpage indicated and also available as a digital file
VC/YouTube video cassette (item's Title includes a link to YouTube) awaiting filing
❋ = Delicate items, such as most cards, envelopes and paper (and some booklets) filed alphabetically (by ref-ID) in a set of three lever-arch files, marked
 AVSFHG CARDS ETC , to protect them from damage — index-entries for these items have an asterisk against "Media"-type. to be finally decided
H = Various resources held (perhaps provisionally) in hanging pockets in drawer 5: entries have "H" against "Media". drawer 5
¥ = Booklets and folded maps filed in the ¥ellow-lidded plastic box, in alpha-order: entries have yen-symbol against "Media". drawer 6
= Only the "Family Tree" CD's dated March 2008 or later are also Mac-compatible, indicated as Media "CD FT " (that is, with an apple).
        Any CD's Ref-ID's first two digits identify its issue-year, and thereby the relevant CD-wallet.  CD's don't carry our PROPERTY-OF sticky labels,
        so the third digit indicates 1=January to 9=September, U=October/Autumn, V=November, W=December/Winter, X=Xmas, Y=year-only shown.
        All three CD-wallets containing items with Media=" CD FT" or " CD FT" are currently (but provisionally) in Drawer 1.