The Group always welcomes new members.

You can join online here or download an Application Form here

☞  Before you do so, please read our Data Privacy Policy page.

☞  Our Constitution can be viewed here.

You can email our Membership Secretary at



Individual Membership – £6.00                   Household Membership – £10.00
+ £4.00 extra for those requesting Newsletter and/or AGM Agenda by post


(Incidentally, we also have a parallel, but separate, closed Facebook group, membership of which is free.)


The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December — but If you join on/after 1st October, your membership runs through to the end of the following year.  In accordance with the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), when you apply to join you will be asked if you consent to a mimimal amount of your details being stored on our database to facilitate the Group's administration.  Certain Committee members hold personal data relevant, and limited, to their particular role.  Be sure that that information will not be shared with third parties, and that you can withdraw your consent at any time by advising the Membership Secretary (as above) in writing.




RENEWALS (at the rates shown above)

When you renew as an existing member, at New Year (or indeed from 1st October the previous year), it is unnecessary to complete a fresh renewal form, unless your circumstances have changed.  If you haven't been a member at all since 1st January 2020, you effectively join as a new member — see above instead — because, under GDPR regulations, your membership record with us will already have been deleted, to protect your privacy.  

If you last joined during the period 1st January 2020 to 30th September 2021, you need to renew to continue your membership. 

If you fail to renew by the end of March in any year, you won't automatically receive the April Newsletter — though you should have had January's.

You can pay by BANK TRANSFER — or you may find it convenient to arrange a STANDING ORDER through your bank.  Either way, our bank details are on the Contact-Us page — please include your name (in the "reference") should it differ from the name on your account (or your postcode if you believe other members have the same surname as you), so that we can identify the source.  The Treasurer has no access to the membership records so, if you're renewing through your bank (but with no need to complete our form), it is certainly also most helpful if you send an email to say that you ARE RENEWINGthen, if you aren't already logged into your email account, you might be prompted to do so.

We aren't authorised to offer a Direct Debit facility, but CHEQUES are also acceptable — post or deliver them to the Membership Secretary (email her at the address above for her postal address).  You can renew too in our traditional way, in person (by CASH or CHEQUE) at any physical meeting. 

If you're paying £10.00 (by whatever method), please indicate if it's a household membership; an individual with Newsletters/Agendas by post; or an individual adding a £4.00 donation (as some choose to continue to do) — with home-banking or app online payments, simply done in the "reference".

 If you're renewing so as to attend the next Zoom talk, click here to email the Zoom Host! 

Thank you for renewing!