Founded in 1953, the SLHC is a registered educational charity, financed by its members, that exists to promote the study of local history, and to encourage historical research in the county of Suffolk.  The Council also supports a network of local history recorders in towns and villages throughout the County, to record items of present and historical interest which might otherwise be overlooked: some of our Alde Valley members are also SLHC Recorders (including the Recorders' County Secretary). 


Membership is open to individuals, and to historical societies and groups.  Read more about the benefits of membership on their website's homepage here


These include the following information sources, which are downloadable — 

— the biannual "Calendar of Events", published in Spring and Autumn — please visit our ⬇︎Downloads page.  The SLHC Calendar Editor can be contacted at

— a list of SLHC member societies

— a LONG(!) list of Suffolk's history-related groups, museums and resource centres — please visit our ⬇︎Downloads page

— a title-list of historical articles (from "The Suffolk Review" magazine).


"The Suffolk Review", its main publication, appears each Spring and Autumn.  Every issue typically contains three to five essays on a great variety of local historical subjects.  We hold almost all issues since 1993 in our Help Centre (with ref. SKREVWyyp), and also of the SLHC Newsletter (SLHCNLyyp). 
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