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This page last updated on 29th September 2022

This table explains where particular resources are to be found,
by reference to their "Media" value, in the sixth column ("F") of the Index.

Resources are filed depending on the media on which they reside, not their subject matter — as far as practicable in alpha order of Ref-ID.
ñ:  Our Newsletters are NOT stored in the Help Centre, but are emailed (or exceptionally posted) to every paid-up Member.
Maps  (& similar Snape Archive items) that are flat are in the map-chest, others are on a wide variety of media, incl. some as digital resources (PC).
Photos  can be any Media variant of book / booklet / paper, as card❋ or as PC (digital files) — but not "Photo" or "Photos", which are Categories.
Drawers  are numbered top to bottom in the four-drawer filing-cabinet (1 to 4), then in the three-drawer cabinet (5 to 7).
Media suffixes of letters B(ottom), Hanging, Left, Middle, Right and Top — defined below for "book"/"booklet" — are common to other resources too.
Other suffixes:   (apple), (asterisk) and ¥ (yen-currency symbol) below are explained in the notes at the foot of the table.




BIO LK maroon slip-box containing Bryan Samain's family biographies, "The Lockdown Papers" (see Newsletter 55, page 13) Middle bookshelf
book B book with a spine, up to 12" high Bottom bookshelf
book L larger book and/or 'desirable' book (for example, containing old photographs — scans can be taken for personal use) Left side of Cupboard
book M book with a spine, up to 10" high Middle bookshelf
book P&S Pen & Sword books reviewed by Chris Broom: read about their REFERENCE-BOOK status here.  Ref-ID=@LEIS-LIB at Leiston Library
book R larger book and/or 'desirable' book (for example, containing old photographs — scans can be taken for personal use) Right side of Cupb'd
book T book with a spine, up to 10" high Top bookshelf
booklet ... ... with suffix ❋, B, M, T or ¥: anything like a thin book but stapled, and/or a book/brochure smaller than say A5 (depends on the suffix)
booklet JH booklet donated by Janet Huckle, filed alphabetically in a semi-transparent white A5 ring-binder marked "JH" hanging in drawer 5
box BEN MI a box containing Benhall MI Project - Burial Register Verification Slips top of alcove cupbd
card printed card or laminated paper, maybe folded or concertinaed see note ❋ below
cassette audio cassette                                   [Ref-ID suffix "K7" ≈ French "ka sept"] Top bookshelf
CD () compact disk: apart from the ⬇︎"Family Tree" CDs⬇︎, a v.few are MAC-compatible (suffixed "" — see note below) drawer 6
CD FT () "Family Tree" magazine CD donated by Janet Huckle, within one of three CD-wallets (2004-06, 2007/08 & 2010-12) see note below
CD + PC held on CD, and also downloaded from there as a computer-file or files drawer 6 + PC-file(s)
CD T CD (in a tall CD-case, similar to a DVD case) or CD-set Top bookshelf
drawer 7 item filed in drawer 7 drawer 7
DVD is now strictly reserved for video films Top bookshelf 
env H5 or envelope.  For enveloped materials, usually first/only copy is in a lever-arch file, any extra copies hanging in drawer 5 (H5=)drawer5 | ❋below
env HUX transparent plastic envelope of Frank Huxley's local-history notes/papers, mostly individually catalogued in Index hanging in drawer 5
fiche packets of fiches aren't marked w/ ref-ID's, but filed in blue plastic fiche-box in order of their printed (not Index) titles drawer 7
fiche MIEX "Essex Monumental Inscriptions" (and similar Essex) fiches, filed in cardboard box "MIEX: ESSEX FICHES (MI's)" drawer 7
folder 7 / H5 widely includes cardboard pocket-folders, photo-developers' envelopes, plastic folders and similar drawer 7 or (hanging) 5
folder R plastic folder Right side of Cupb'd
lever-arch R lever-arch file  [These are NOT the "AVSFHG CARDS ETC" files mentioned in the notes below] Right side of Cupb'd
mag A4-format "Suffolk Roots" magazine drawer 5
mag A5 A5-format "Suffolk Roots" from May 1990 onwards, stored by date within cardboard boxes drawer 5
mag A5 M small magazine, such as Aldeburgh and District LHS's "The Chronicle" (filed with the booklets) Middle bookshelf
mag H magazine hanging in drawer 5 hanging in drawer 5
mag 93-14 "SLHC Newsletter" or "Suffolk Review", 1993-2014 box on alcove cupbd
mag 2014+ "SLHC Newsletter" or "Suffolk Review" from 2014 [return to hanging pockets in filing-cabinet drawer 5?  Currently in box on alcove cupbd
map ... ... + suffix ❋ / H / JH / ¥: map (ref-ID prefixed "MAP"), incl. detailed graveyard maps (some w/ deceaseds' names) (per "book/let"  above)
map A0 Ordnance Survey 25"/1:2500 County Series Suffolk flat-sheet maps (with ref-ID prefix "O")   ☞ OS 25" maps page,    map chest
map A1 Ordnance Survey [25"] 1:2500 National Grid Plan flat-sheet maps   especially for "OA"    map chest
map A2 Ordnance Survey 6"/1:10,560 or 1:10,000, and [50.688"] 1:1250 flat-sheet maps   (Alde Valley) maps    map chest
map BXF OS 6-inch National Grid Plan TL94SE: Boxford (1958) 22"x26.5” non-standard flat-sheet map see OS 25" maps page map chest (case BD)
map OS7 Ordnance Survey 1”:1 mile Map (7th Series) Index of Large-Scale National Plans (flat sheets) ,, map chest (case OW)
map SNA Snape Archive: map (or other document) of sundry formats incl. OS 25", Six-Inch, 1:2500 ,, map chest (case SNA)
NLii pno  ☞ ñ Newsletter article, prob.added some time after publication when we had closely relevant talk: shows issue/page no=    Newsletter "ii" page"no"
paper❋    a flimsy leaflet or single sheet or (usually) several stapled sheets — filed in  ❋ AVSFHG CARDS-ETC  lever-arch files see note ❋ below
papers JP papers donated by John Peters, Nov. 2019 (individually indexed in plastic folders marked "JP1", "JP2" and "JP3") hanging in drawer 5
PC digital file held on (usu. all) of our computers for Members' access:  Its 9-character Ref-ID = its filename-prefix computer-files
PC audio ditto — audio track, typically .mp3 or .m4a computer-files
ring-binder … with suffix 7, L or R: ring-binder in drawer 7 or Left/Right side of Cupboard 
spiral-binder spiral-binder [or exceptionally "spiral-b M" on Middle bookshelf]  Right side of Cupb'd
VC/YouTube video cassette (item's Title also includes an alternative YouTube video's webpage-address, but not here as hyperlink) Top bookshelf
... +w3 (appended to ANY value above):  Item is also available via Downloads page OR viewable on a webpage (see toolbar-menu "maps+" above).
... +w3+PC as above, BUT ALSO available as a digital file on one/more of our computers (but usually on all of them)
www link to a (probably external) webpage with a more up-to-date version of a resource listed close-by in the Index named webpage
www + PC reproduced on our webpage indicated and also available as a digital file
= Usually, only the "Family Tree" CDs dated March 2008 or later are also Mac-compatible, indicated as Media "CD FT " (that is, with an apple).
        All three CD-wallets, for 2004-06, 2007/08 & 2010-12 (and holding items with Media=" CD FT" or " CD FT") are on the bookcase's TOP shelf.
        CDs don't have our PROPERTY-OF labels.  Instead, in the Index, Ref-IDs' first two digits are the issue-year (so identify the relevant CD-wallet),  
        and 3rd digit represents 1=January to 9=September, U=October/Autumn, V=November, W=December/Winter, X=Xmas, Y=year-only shown.
        A very few other (that is, not "Family Tree") CDs are also MAC-compatible (Media="CD "): these are simply filed in drawer 6 with the assorted CDs.
        However, in all cases where Mac-compatability is suggested, CD operation may not be fully optimised (such as with indexed searching).
❋ = Delicate items, such as most cards, envelopes and paper (and some booklets) filed alphabetically (by Ref-ID) in a set of 3 lever-arch files, marked
 ❋ AVSFHG CARDS ETC , to protect them from damage — index-entries for these items have an asterisk against "Media"-type. stored in drawer 2
¥ = Booklets and folded maps filed in the ¥ellow-lidded plastic box, in alpha-order: entries have yen-symbol against "Media". stored in drawer 6


Drawers are numbered top to bottom in the four-drawer filing-cabinet (1 to 4), then in the three-drawer cabinet (5 to 7).  Typical contents are —
1   stationery          The key for the three-drawer cabinet is number 92210.
2   lever-arch files (for ❋-marked items), keys, door-bell     5   hanging files and (boxed) "Suffolk Root" magazines
3   laptops     6   boxes of CDs, DVDs and ¥ellow-lidded plastic box (for ¥en-marked items)
4   cables, computer manuals, etc.     7   boxes of microfiches, some folders, and duplicated CD's