This set of webpages, of which this is the first page, sets out the
Data Privacy Policy
of the
Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group (AVSFHG)
in compliance with the
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


VERSION NUMBER: 1.8 — dated 31st August 2022

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The Policy is based upon guidance produced by Chance Encounters (of Aldringham, Suffolk), East Suffolk Partnership, the Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS), the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO),, Suffolk Family History Society (SFHS) and Wikipedia.


CHANGE IN VERSION 1.8 (dated 31st August 2022):  On GDPR page ②, item 17, concerning the Help Centre Attendance Book, in which borrowers' contact address and phone numbers are now to be noted — this change was adopted by the Committee this day.  There was also acknowledgement that, from resumption of physical talks post-Covid, the Speaker's receipt and consent form refers to the website domain name (new from 2020) of, as listed on GDPR page ④.

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.7 (dated 11th August 2021):  On GDPR page ③. potential members' agreement to retention of personal data extended to include online applications for membership; opportunity also taken to omit the temporary arrangements for retrospective collection of GDPR permission from those who joined during January to March 2019.  These changes were adopted by the Committee this day.

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.6 (dated 17th January 2021):  Changes relating to Zoom events, generic email addresses, the «Members' Interest Register», introduction of the New Members' Welcome post, and formal acknowledgement of physical and online forms introduced or amended since December 2019, were all adopted by the Committee this day. 

In detail, on GDPR page ②, items 2 (Newsletter listing of Members' names), 5 (maintenance of generic email addresses) and 10 (Members' Interest Register) were amended, and item 18 (incoming emails re Zoom events) added.  On GDPR page ④, clauses were added to inform new members of the Welcome pack, and to warn of the taking of screenshots during Zoom events; whilst the new and amended forms were formally noted, the effective dates having been as follows —

        page ②
12/12/19    Research Request Form in parallel online and physical versions   §13
12/10/20   Amendment of the same for our new Research Co-ordinator v1.5J  
19/11/20   Parallel online version of the Membership Application Form   §§1-3
24/11/20   Webpage to «Book for our next Zoom talk» (for members / non-members / joiners)   §18
22/1/21   Membership Application form amended re address / phone # / Zoom-screenshots v1.5A  
17/3/21   «Members' Surname Interests» online input form v1.6 §10
17/3/21   Incoming «Possible Match of Interests» online form v1.6 §10


CHANGE IN VERSION 1.5 (dated 30th January 2019):  Reordering of the Members' Application Form and restoration of its phone-number field, so that contact can be made with new Members, despite illegible or incorrect email addresses as encountered recently.  The change was adopted at the Committee meeting this day.

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.4 (dated 15th October 2018):  All changes are in the Section on "Information that we hold and its internal communication" on GDPR page ②None of the changes so far are deemed of day-to-day significance to most members, but will nonetheless be mentioned in Newsletter 42 to be published shortly. 
— Definition of "traditional" members as "paid-up" to differentiate them from members of the Facebook group, for whom there are no subscription fees;
— Expansion of the list of "areas of data that we might hold" from ten to 17, so as to include: listing of new Members' names in the Newsletter, the internal list of "Contact Details for AVSFHG Committee", Speakers' contact details, the "Members' Interest Register", the "AVSFHG Facebook Group Surname Interests" list, our overseas-communication arrangements and the now-combined Help Centre log/list of borrowers of resources;
— Reordering and renumbering of the "areas of data" to a more consistent order;  
— Text additions, changes and moves resulting from the above; addition of paragraph-numbering to tie up with each of the "areas of data".  
All these changes were adopted at the Committee meeting this day.

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.3 (dated 25th July 2018):  Renaming of our Research Centre as "Help Centre"; addition of item 10, Help Centre rotas, on GDPR page ②; and addition of statement on the taking of photographs at our events, on GDPR page ④, the core Data Privacy Policy webpage.  All changes from version 1.1 to 1.3 were adopted at the Committee meeting this day.

CHANGE IN VERSION 1.2 (dated 8th June 2018):  Addition of our justification for "Non-Registration with ICO", on GDPR page ③.

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1 (dated 7th June 2018):  Implementation of minor changes to Membership Application Form, as detailed below; also a very minor rewording of the Committee Member's ... Consent form to clarify the purpose of a data field.

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.0 (dated 6th June 2018):  This is the formally authorised version adopted at a full Committee meeting this day.  No changes were required to the six GDPR webpages offered as the initial Version 0.1, apart from the removal of explanatory routing notes on each page (included to assist the meeting) and the addition of this "Changes" paragraph.  Minor changes were suggested to the Membership Application Form (version 1.0 to 1.1) to allow "Member 2" to have their own email address; to clarify the prospective members' responsibility to arrange any bank Standing Orders or Bank Transfers; and to suggest that the completed form be brought completed to the next AVSFHG event.  No changes were required to the Committee Member's Website/Newsletter Consent (version 1.0), which was immediately completed by those present at the meeting.  The Speaker's Receipt & Consent Form skeleton (draft version 0.1) needed slight amendment about the likely audience for the Newsletter, and to be renumbered (version 1.0, as it is now definitive): the actual text will be adjusted to suit each Speaker. 

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1 (dated 24th May 2018):  None — this is the initial draft published version of the Policy.  This draft version is published in readiness for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018.  It was produced by a specially convened Working Party of three AVSFHG Committee members for publication before that date — hence the zero number of its version. 

FUTURE AMENDMENTS will carry the next version number if changes are significant, or just an increment of sub-version for minor, typographical, grammar, etc changes.  This is to ensure an audit trail of the evolution of our Policy, as new understandings and requirements for compliance evolve.

PLEASE NOTE:  Throughout these GDPR pages, the terms "AVSFHG", "the Group", "we", "us", "our" and (within some quotations) "organisation" and "society" all refer to the Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group.


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