The following text was first published in October 2021 in the "Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group Newsletter"  Issue no 54, page 2.
It can also be downloaded by clicking here.

Research Requests


A review of the research service provided by a number of our experienced members has been undertaken, in light of a number of increasingly complex enquiries recently received from members and non-members.

In a number of cases, extensive previous research had already been undertaken and, as a result, we were unable either to add to this knowledge or resolve a long standing genealogical 'brick-wall'.  In truth, some of these situations would probably best be addressed to a professional genealogist and were beyond either the skills or time that Research Panel members are able to give.

As a result of recent discussions by the AVSFHG Committee, the following changes have been implemented:

– The research service will only be available to paid-up Group members;

– Unless a Research Panel member is able to answer an enquiry based on personal/local knowledge, the advice offered will be restricted to identifying potentially productive lines of further inquiry, including archive material held by AVSFHG at our 'Help Centre' in Leiston.

Members and non-members are still welcome to attend our monthly 'Drop-In Tuesday' sessions at Leiston Library and, in due course, we hope to extend this service to other locations.  Subject to assessment of future demand, we may also recommence our fortnightly 'Help Centre' sessions.  Likewise, there is an opportunity to 'pick the brains' of family historians with Alde Valley connections by joining our closed Facebook group.

We hope you appreciate the need for these changes that are designed to avoid disappointment for those people who have spent a lot of time and effort putting together their enquiries, only to find that the Research Panel is unable to add to work already completed.


Chris Broom
Chairman, AVSFHG
October 2021